Gangland Girls Series

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'Outguns Martina Cole for pure, shocking East End gangster grit'

Daily Mirror

Geezer Girls

Book 1

Gangster Girl

Book 2

Hit Girls

Book 3

Geezer Girls

Book 1

Geezer Girls selected for World Book Night UK, 2014

10 years ago…

Fifteen-year-old Jade Flynn and three other girls were forced to become the sole occupants of the fourth floor of St. Nicholas care home for children. Forced to take part in ‘special community projects’ – drugs dealing, money laundering, gun running. Forced to work for a man they nicknamed The Geezer. That is until a shocking event made them rebel. Made them steal some merchandise that didn’t belong to them. So they ran. Disappeared. Ceased to exist.

10 years later…

Jade Flynn is now living a respectable life as Jackie Jarvis and is getting married. She invites her three friends to be her maids of honour. But someone else turns up as well – The Geezer. He gives them two choices – he can either kill them or they can do one final job for him and then return to their respectable lives. So they agree to become his Geezer Girls one last time. But can they trust him? Would you?

This time if they cease to exist they won't be coming back.

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Great book written by a great girl.

Martina Cole Author

The plot had more twists than Hampton maze, and the characters were complex, funny, brutal in parts, but most of all charismatic.

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Gangster Girl

Book 2

Amazon Top 10 Action & Adventure Bestseller

Daisy’s Story
One Good Girl
One Bad Family
One Very Dangerous Bank Job

Daisy Sullivan’s father was one of London's most infamous gangsters. Haunted by his violent death she vows to live a respectable life.

That is until the day her life starts to explode. The day her mum, who abandoned her when she was young and who she barely remembers barges back into her life.

It doesn’t take Daisy long to realise that her mum is the Queen-pin of a prostitution ring with links to high society and the head of one of London's most feared underworld families – the Kings. Soon she is drawn into their next criminal act – a bank job. A job that turns out to be no ordinary robbery.

Soon she is running for her life and the only person she can trust is up and coming gangland bad boy, Ricky Smart.


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Awesome tale written by a talented writer.

The Sun Newspaper

Fine entertainment.

Telegraph Newspaper

Hit Girl

Book 3

Wednesday Book, Independent.

The novels complex plot shoots along at a terrific rate...what puts flesh on the bones and raises Mitchell's writing above the run of gangland thrillers is its psychological level.

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Two kids are murdered

Their gangland family want revenge

Two ten-year-old twin sisters are murdered outside their school. But they aren’t just anyone’s kids, their gangster Stanley Lewis’ daughters. When a rival gangster is arrested Stanley vows to take revenge. But his dad, feared villain Kenny Lewis, thinks there’s more going on. So he contacts the one group of people who he trusts to help him find the truth...

Jackie, Anna, Roxy and Ollie. Four women with shady pasts who take the cases people don’t take to the cops. They enter a world of easy sex and even easier violence where everyone, including the Lewis family, are hiding secrets. They soon realise someone will do anything to stop them finding out the truth. A truth, so shocking, it will tear the community apart.

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Mitchell outguns Martina Cole for pure, shocking East End gangster grit.

Daily Mirror Newspaper

Exciting, thrilling, gritty, compelling, hell there aren't enough adjectives to describe it.

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